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In Sanatoga, Pennsylvania, Plastic Surgery Solutions offers a full range of surgical plastic surgery procedures, including facelifts, breast augmentation and reduction, body contouring, cancer and reconstructive surgery. Dr. John Louis is one of the most renowned plastic surgeons in Sanatoga. He is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has extensive training and experience in these procedures. The team at Plastic Surgery Solutions offers the highest level of care in a comfortable and healing environment. Look no further than Plastic Surgery Solutions if you are looking for a top plastic surgery practice in Sanatoga. To meet your needs, we offer a variety of surgical and minimally invasive treatment options. It is important to us that our patients look and feel their best. The staff at Plastic Surgery Solutions recognizes that each patient is unique and deserves a tailored approach to their treatment. As a result, Dr. John Louis carefully assesses your needs and creates an individualized plan to help you achieve the aesthetic results you desire.

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Facial Procedures

Providing facial plastic and reconstructive surgery in Sanatoga, Pennsylvania, Plastic Surgery Solutions is the best practice in the field. Cosmetic procedures include facelifts, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, brow lifts, neck lifts, and otoplasty (cosmetic ear surgery). A facial cosmetic surgery procedure can help to improve the signs of aging or correct abnormalities caused by birth defects, injuries, or diseases.

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A facelift is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance and firmness of the face by lifting, tightening, and smoothing the skin. Anti-aging procedures such as this can reduce wrinkles and lines on the face as well as tighten sagging skin around the jawline and cheekbones.

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Rhinoplasty (nose reshaping)

Rhinoplasty involves reshaping the nose. Improved, natural-looking noses can enhance your self-confidence and make your face appear more balanced. In addition to breathing problems caused by a deviated septum, this procedure can also correct structural problems with the nose.

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Blepharoplasty (eye lift)

A blepharoplasty, or eye lift, is a procedure in which the upper eyelids are lifted to reduce the appearance of sagging eyelids. You can look more youthful and vibrant by reducing wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes.

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Brow Lift

A brow lift involves reshaping the soft-tissue structures of the upper face, including the forehead and eyebrows. Brow lifts, also known as forehead lifts, reduce frown lines between your brows, making you appear more alert and youthful.

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Neck Lift

A neck lift eliminates the signs of aging around the neck. By removing excess skin, fat, and muscle, neck lift surgery restores youthfulness to your face. By doing so, you can eliminate drooping skin, loose tissue, and wrinkles associated with aging. It can also make your jawline appear slimmer by firming up sagging skin below your chin.

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An otoplasty involves reshaping the ears surgically. The procedure can be performed for cosmetic purposes as well as for functional purposes, for example, if the ears protrude or point in different directions. The purpose of ear surgery, or otoplasty, is to improve how your ears look and fit into the rest of your face.

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Breast Procedures

Plastic Surgery Solutions offers the best breast surgery in Sanatoga, Pennsylvania. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. John Louis offers patients the best surgical expertise for breast surgery. A variety of surgical breast procedures are available at Plastic Surgery Solutions, including breast augmentation, breast lifts, and breast reductions. Furthermore, Dr. Louis is an expert in breast reconstruction after mastectomy. At Plastic Surgery Solutions, he and his team provide attentive care every step of the way.

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Breast Augmentation

The purpose of breast augmentation is to enhance the size and shape of the breasts by using implants. Breast augmentation aims to increase the size of the breasts by making them fuller, rounder, and firmer. Breast augmentation surgery can also be beneficial for men who wish to enhance the appearance of their chests.

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Breast Lift

Breast lifts are typically performed on women who have lost volume in their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding. In some cases, it’s also done to correct sagging that occurs as you age. By reshaping and repositioning your breasts, you will achieve a better shape, more youthful contours, and a reduction of laxity.

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Breast Reduction

In breast reduction surgery, your breasts are reduced in size, making them more proportionate to your body. Women who have large breasts often opt for breast reduction surgery. Fat, glandular tissue and skin are removed from the breasts so they will be firmer and more shaped.

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Body Procedures

Plastic Surgery Solutions specializes in cosmetic procedures for the body. In order to make our patients feel confident about their appearance, we strive to provide them with the best results possible. Sanatoga, Pennsylvania plastic surgeon Dr. John Louis offers natural-looking results that will last for years. At Plastic Surgery Solutions, we perform arm lifts, thigh lifts, tummy tucks, liposuction, fat grafting, belt lipectomy, gynecomastia, labiaplasty, and diastasis repair.

Abdominoplasty Surgery - Procedures

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure used to remove excess fat, skin, and muscle from the midsection. You will appear slimmer and more toned as a result. Often, tummy tuck surgery is performed after pregnancy or weight loss if you want to tighten your abdominal muscles or if you have excess skin.

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Arm Lift

An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, reshapes the upper part of the arms by removing excess skin and fat. An arm lift helps reduce sagging skin on your arms, improves arm contours, and improves the appearance of your arms.

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Thigh Lift

A thigh lift is a cosmetic surgery procedure that tightens and reshapes the skin on your upper thighs to create a more youthful appearance. Inner and outer thighs can be treated with this surgical procedure, which is often combined with liposuction.

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Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is used to remove fat from specific areas of the body. Liposuction can be used to remove fat from the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, back, arms, or neck. To suction out the fat, a thin tube with an opening at one end called a cannula is used.

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Fat Grafting - Procedures

Fat Grafting

In fat grafting, your own fat is transplanted into a specific body area to enhance its appearance. It involves injecting fat from another part of the body (such as your thighs or abdomen) into the area that needs improvement. You can use the procedure to fill in sunken cheeks, smooth wrinkles, add volume to thin lips, or correct asymmetries in your face. Additionally, fat grafting can be used to augment body parts like the buttocks or hips.

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Belt Lipectomy - Procedures

Belt Lipectomy

Belt lipectomy involves removing fat from around the waist.  In order to shape and contour your body, the procedure is often performed in conjunction with other surgeries such as tummy tucks. Additionally, it can be done alone if you want to look slimmer without liposuction or dieting.

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Gynecomastia refers to the development of breasts in men. The condition can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and sometimes even pain. Gynecomastia can be corrected surgically. This cosmetic surgery eliminates excess fat and glandular tissue to create a more masculine chest contour and eliminate the appearance of male breasts.

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perineoplasty - Procedures


A labiaplasty involves reducing the size of the labia minora (inner lips) of the vagina. As well as labiaplasty, it is also known as labial reduction. Women who feel uncomfortable because of enlarged labia are generally candidates for labiaplasty.

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Diastasis recti is a condition that affects the abdominal muscles. It is also known as abdominal separation or abdominal wall defect. Pregnant women and people with excess body fat are susceptible to this condition. The diastasis surgery procedure is used to close the gap between your abdominal muscles.

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Minimally Invasive Procedures

Plastic Surgery Solutions offers minimally invasive cosmetic procedures in Sanatoga, Pennsylvania for patients seeking to improve their appearance. It is possible to achieve excellent aesthetic results without going under the knife with these procedures. Recovery time is fast, and there is minimal downtime. Plastic Surgery Solutions in Sanatoga offers the latest technologies from InMode, including BodyTite and FaceTite/AccuTite.

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BodyTite by InMode can tighten loose, sagging skin without surgery. This cutting-edge technology uses directional radiofrequency (RF) to surpass traditional liposuction. With this minimally invasive body contouring procedure, cosmetic body enhancements are being redefined.

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FaceTite and AccuTite by InMode is a non-surgical contouring technology that uses radiofrequency (RF) energy to remodel skin, fat, and tissue, as well as address signs of aging, irregularities, and pigmentation. With minimal downtime and no visible scarring, you can contour and improve the texture and complexion of your skin.

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Cancer & Reconstructive Procedures

Plastic Surgery Solutions performs cancer and reconstructive procedures, including melanoma, scar revision, and breast reconstruction. As a board-certified plastic surgeon in Sanatoga, Dr. John Louis is committed to providing his patients with safe, effective, and efficient surgical care. There are countless patients who have benefited from the expertise of Dr. Louis as a breast reconstruction surgeon in Pennsylvania. As well as offering the best melanoma surgery in Pennsylvania, Plastic Surgery Solutions is also a top scar revision surgery practice in Sanatoga.

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Melanomas are cancerous pigment-producing cells in the body. This type of skin cancer is the most serious. Melanomas can grow in any part of the body. Patients with melanoma can undergo surgery as a treatment option. With minimal scarring, a plastic surgeon can remove the damaged tissue while preserving the skin’s appearance.

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Scar revisions

Scars are formed when the skin repairs itself after being injured. The healing process causes your body to produce more collagen, which makes the scar appear raised and thicker than the surrounding skin. It is also possible for scars to become darker or lighter than the skin’s natural color. It is possible to reduce or even eliminate the appearance of scars through scar revisions.

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