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Fat Grafting In Sanatoga, PA

Fat grafting involves removing unwanted fat tissue from one part of the body, such as the tummy or thighs, to cosmetically enhance another part of the body. Areas that plastic surgeons have used fat grafting include the face, breasts, hands, feet, hips, and buttocks. The goal of the procedure is to improve or augment the area where the adipose fat is being injected. The fullness of these areas often diminishes as we age. With fat grafting, patients can achieve the youthful appearance they desire.

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Who Should Consider Fat Grafting?

  • Individuals who have lost volume in certain areas of their face and want to plump these areas, smooth lines, or improve other imperfections.
  • Individuals who want to augment areas of their body where they feel less confident, such as their breasts, hips, or buttocks.
  • Individuals who want a more youthful appearance.
  • Individuals who want better-defined body contours.
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What To Expect During Fat Grafting

Fat grafting is an outpatient procedure and will require either local or general anesthesia, depending on the size of the area being cosmetically augmented. Fat is extracted from the body by liposuction. It is then processed and purified before being reinjected into the problem area. Fat grafting is often performed on facial areas such as the lips or under the eyes. There are many other potential applications for fat grafting. The procedure is popular for individuals who want fuller buttocks or more enhanced contours.

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The Benefits Of Fat Grafting

Fat grafting offers patients a faster recovery and shorter downtime. Fat transfers also have fewer allergic reactions than other injectable fillers because the fat is taken from your own body. Fat grafting is a less invasive procedure. Also, one of the major advantages of fat grafting is the natural-looking results. The effects of fat grafting are long-lasting. Healthy fat cells take up to six months to become permanent after being injected and to establish a blood supply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Fat Grafting Safe?

Fat grafting is generally a safe procedure. However, every surgical procedure carries a risk of complications. Your plastic surgeon will give you preparation instructions that will help reduce your risk of complications.

Does Fat Grafting Hurt?

The fat grafting procedure is relatively painless and requires little downtime.

What Is The Recovery Time For Fat Grafting?

The recovery process after a fat grafting procedure generally takes around one to two weeks. Strenuous activities should be avoided though for several weeks.

Does Fat Grafting Leave Scars?

The fat grafting procedure does not require large incisions since it is minimally invasive. Scarring is unlikely to occur.

What Other Procedures Can Be Performed With Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting can be performed with various other types of cosmetic procedures.

Best Fat Grafting In Sanatoga

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